Currently Enrolling Nephrology Studies

Nephrology is an interesting field of medicine that focuses on the health and function of our kidneys, the vital organs responsible for filtering toxins from our blood and maintaining proper fluid balance in the body. These bean-shaped organs play a crucial role in our overall well-being, and nephrologists are the dedicated medical professionals who diagnose and treat a myriad of kidney-related diseases. Some common conditions they manage include chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, and glomerulonephritis, which can result in swelling, high blood pressure, and even kidney failure if left untreated. As you delve into the world of nephrology, you’ll undoubtedly develop a newfound appreciation for the incredible complexity of our kidneys and the compassionate experts who work tirelessly to keep them functioning at their best.

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CKD with Cardiovascular Risk Factors Study

Hyperkalemia Study

Polycystic Kidney Disease Study

Primary Membranous Nephropathy Study

Non-Dialysis Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease Study