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At Centricity Research, we value, recognize, and reward physicians from every specialty who entrust us to care for their patients. When you refer your patient to a clinical study, you are not only assisting in the advancement of medical science, but you also benefit the patient by allowing them to:

  • Explore new treatment options​
  • Avoid the need for insurance​
  • Receive quality medical care at no cost
  • Earn compensation for their participation​

Do you have a patient that you feel could benefit from one of our clinical trials? We welcome your referral!

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Clinical research is extremely rewarding. It allows you to further your professional development and expand your knowledge by participating in the newest and most innovative thinking in medicine.

You will help introduce revolutionary treatments to your patients and work to improve the health of people around the world!

In addition to many intrinsic benefits, clinical research provides many monetary benefits to medical practices as well.

Physician Investigators are compensated for identifying study participants and completing study procedures. Please reach out to us to learn more. 

Contact our team to learn more about becoming a Centricity Research investigator!

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Explore new treatment options

Avoid the need for insurance

Receive quality medical care at no cost

Earn compensation for their participation

We appreciate your trust!

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