Take the Leap Towards Better Health with a FREE Health Screening at Centricity Research!

Did you know that identifying chronic conditions early could significantly improve your health?

Chronic conditions, when caught early, can be managed before they escalate into life-threatening situations. Our biometric screenings are a great first step in the prevention and detection of these conditions! 

What do we measure?

Our precision-based biometric screenings measure your:

  • height
  • weight
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • blood pressure
  • glucose levels


These screenings are performed by our team of trained health professionals who are committed to ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your results.

Are these screenings really free?

Yes! Totally FREE! No insurance required. Simply book an appointment, get screened, and walk out with a better understanding of your health. 

But your journey doesn't end with the screening.

Once you have your results, learn about participating in our clinical trial opportunities. This is your chance to take an active role in health innovation, contributing to the development of new treatments, and more importantly, enhancing your own health.

Where are our screenings offered

Columbus, GA:

800 Talbotton Road
Columbus, GA 31902

Mesa, AZ:

215 S. Power Rd., Suite 207
Mesa, AZ 85206

Columbus, OH:

99 N. Brice Rd., Suite 260
Columbus, OH 43213

Dublin, OH:

7293 Sawmill Rd., Suite 150
Dublin, OH 43016

Suffolk, VA:

1035 Champions Way, Suite 600
Suffolk, VA 23435

Columbus, OH:

99 N. Brice Rd., Suite 260
Columbus, OH 43213

Take charge of your health today! Come to Centricity Research and experience the power of knowledge and preventative healthcare through our free health screenings. Together, let’s step into a healthier future!